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Complaints we can handle

The NCR can assist you with the following types of complaints:

  • Cost of credit e.g. overcharging of interest, initiation fee, service fee, etc
  • The conduct of a debt counsellor
  • Credit related disputes against any credit provider
  • Complaints against credit bureaus, on condition that the issue was brought to the attention of the bureau prior to lodging a complaint with the NCR
  • Failure and/or refusal to issue statements of account or other documents relating to an existing credit agreement
  • Failure and/or refusal by a debt counsellor to issue a clearance certificate
  • Refusal by a credit provider to cancel an agreement during the cooling off period which is 5 days 
  • Reckless lending
  • Non-adherence to section 127 & 129 of the NCA by credit providers (taking legal action and repossessing assets without following the prescribed steps)
  • Non distribution of funds by a payment distribution agent and/or debt counsellor
  • Credit providers taking legal action whilst the consumer is under debt review
  • Credit provider’s failure to restructure accounts in accordance with a debt review court order
  • Unlawful termination of accounts by creditors
  • Overcharging of fees by debt counsellors
  • A debt counsellor’s failure to obtain a debt review court order
  • In-duplum-non-adherence to section 103(5) of the NCA
  • Credit provider collecting on prescribed debt

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National Credit Act

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