Documents and information required for the application for Registration as a reseller Credit Bureau in terms of Section 43 of the National Credit Amendment Act, 19 of 2014:

  1. Completed and signed application form (Form 5).
  2. Business plan including details of the organization’s business model, and projected income for the first year of operation as a credit bureau.
  3. Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) registration document or other legal registration document.
  4. Copy of the organization’s share certificate.
  5. Certified copies of ID/Passports of all members/directors or trustees of the company.
  6. 6. Resolution of applicant
  7. 7. A Criminal Clearance Certificate for all the members/directors or trustees issued by the South African Police Services (SAPS) or other service providers listed in the annexure attached hereto marked A. The clearance certificate must not be older than six (6) months.
  8. Proof of payment of the registration fees:
    • Non-refundable application fee of R550;
    • Branch fee of R250 per location or premises at or from which the applicant conducts registered activities;
    • Initial registration fee as indicated in the table below.
    • Category


      Reseller Credit Bureaux


  9. A letter from the bank confirming the applicant’s banking details or a copy of a cancelled blank cheque or a stamped copy of the bank statement.
  10. Proof of registration with the South African Revenue Services (SARS).
  11. High level Organogram of the Organisation, including CEO and the 1st level of senior Management;
  12. Information of the CEO and 1st level of senior Management:
    1. Name of employee;
    2. Position in organization;
    3. Qualifications;
    4. Experience (number of months, years in current role and similar role).
  13. Shareholding information of the organization (company structure). Copies of the legal registration documents and nature of business for each entity within the group (if applicable)
  14. List key of contractors/outsourced service providers of the organization and the services that they provide;
  15. Copies of the service level agreement (SLA) with the key contractors/outsourced service providers
  16. Copies of the HR policies and procedures:
    1. code of conduct and disciplinary code;
    2. performance management.
  17. Copy of the latest audited financial statements, and if not available, copy of the latest management accounts
  18. Information on current litigation against the organization, if any
  19. Policies and procedures for handling questions, concerns and complaints of consumers or credit providers
  20. Policies and procedures in place for ensuring that all clients access the records of the credit bureau for a prescribed purpose (regulations 18(4) and 23 (A)).
  21. IT and Data Requirements:
    1. Business continuity management plan;
    2. Disaster recovery plan;
    3. Information security policy;
    4. Process map indicating the flow of information;
    5. Detailed overview of the it infrastructure, systems and IT resources;
    6. An overview of the company’s strategy and processes around data, including data sources, loading and storage of data, processes with data suppliers and data sources.
  22. A detailed overview of the company’s client base.
  23. Undertaking by Directors and Officers of Reseller Credit Bureau see Annexure B
  24. IT Auditors’ Review see Annexure C; and
  25. Any additional information that may arise from an examination of the documentation provided

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