Voluntary cancellation of registration

In terms of Section 58, a registrant may cancel its registration by giving the National Credit Regulator written notice in the prescribed manner and form-

(a) stating the registrant’s intention to voluntarily cancel the registration; and

(b) specifying a date, at least five business days after the date of the notice, on which the cancellation is to take effect.

Additional Requirements for voluntary cancellation of registration

  1. Complete form 10.
  2. An affidavit stating –
    • The registrant’s intention to voluntarily cancel his or her registrations;
    • Reasons for such cancellation; and
    • The date on which the cancellation shall take effect;
  3. Attach to the said notice the original registration certificate and the window decal issued to the registrant by the National Credit Regulator.
  4. A letter from the auditor/accounting officer confirming that the registered activities have ceased and that all consumer credit information has been deleted from your system.