Challenge Credit Record

When a consumer requests a credit report, the said report must disclose  identical information to that which will be displayed should such a  report be provided to a third party.


If the accuracy of the consumer credit information is challenged by a consumer, 

the following steps should be taken:

  1. The consumer must contact the credit bureau concerned to raise an objection or lodge a complaint (either TransUnion ITC or Experian);
  2. The bureau has 20 business days in which to resolve the issue;
  3. If the bureau is unable to resolve the issue, the consumer should refer the matter to the Credit Information Ombudsman (CIO);
  4. Should the CIO be unable to find a resolution, the NCR will intervene on the request of the CIO.

Note that the National Credit  Regulator will not be able to deal with the complaint until the complainant has first contacted the credit bureau.

Call center numbers of the credit bureau

TransUnion ITC Experian
Consumer 0861 482 482  Consumer 0861 105 665
Credit Provider 0861 482 482 Credit Provider 0861 636 070