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The Tribunal rules that child support and foster care grants cannot be used as consumer’s income to apply for credit.

July 2019

The National Consumer Tribunal (Tribunal) yesterday handed down judgment in favour of the National Credit Regulator (NCR) against a Aristoscan CC, a micro lender trading as JMK Cash Loans, in which it found JMK Cash Loans guilty of various contraventions of the National Credit Act (the Act), including reckless lending.

The evidence presented by the NCR showed that JMK Cash Loans extended credit to consumers who received child support and foster care social grants.

In its judgment, the Tribunal made a finding that child support and foster care social grants are income to be used for the benefit of third parties and cannot be deemed to be the consumer’s income.

“This judgement clarifies that child support and foster care social grants are not to be used as consumer income in credit applications. They are intended to be used for the care and support of the children”, says Nomsa Motshegare, Chief Executive Officer of the NCR.

“Credit providers are warned to observe this judgement and ensure that they do not allow consumers to use child support and foster care social grants as income in credit applications”, concludes Motshegare.


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